Event Overview

The European Legal Security Forum 2021

With over 350 Senior executives from the world of law and legal technology expected to attend this full day live conference and exhibition, which explore the security threats and high-priority risk factors associated with cyber security and data protection within the legal sector.

With an emphasis on cyber protection, critical response and risk mitigation, the European Legal Security Forum presents 20 leading experts from the world of cyber security, delivering ‘insider’ knowledge to identify gaps within existing security, whilst offering expert advice to protect law firms from on-going threats and breaches.

To ensure continuity and integrity of law firm data and operations, the European Legal Security Forum examines the latest developments in cyber security. In addition, the agenda will evaluate the strategies and systems which can assist the legal sector in combating cyber threats, whilst offering optimal protection for today’s modern law firm.

To compliment the significant nature of this event, the European Legal Security Forum offers 2 virtual auditoriums and virtual security related exhibitors who will be showcasing the finest systems and solutions available to law firms and legal businesses.

The programme for 2020 explored:

  • Testing Incident Response / Building Incident Response
  • From Security to Resilience
  • User Behaviour and How This Can Be Influenced
  • Security Culture
  • Empowering Secure Operations
  • The Rise of Social Engineering
  • Internet of Things (IOT) – Secure by Design
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • SecOps and SOAR
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Threat Landscapes & Vulnerabilities
  • Legal IT Security: Examining Strategic Initiatives
  • Under Cyber-Siege: Critical Response Planning
  • and much more…
Event Details
Event Title European Legal Security Forum
Date 29th September 2021
Presentation Stages 2
Exhibitors 20
Speakers and Panellists 20+
CPD Accredited – CPD Standards Office Yes (optional extra £245 + vat)
Venue etc. Venues 155 Bishopgate

Who Should Attend

Chaired by award winning cyber security market influencer Jane Frankland, this event offers presentations by leading experts from the world of cyber security giving advice on the latest developments in IT security, law firm resilience and threat vulnerability. With CIO’s, CISO’s, Head’s of Legal Technology in attendance, the event features virtual leading suppliers showcasing the latest IT security systems to protect law firms and legal businesses from sophisticated hacks and breaches.

The European Legal Security Forum attracts senior representatives from the following positions:

Law Firms
CEO Chairman Managing Partner
CIO / CTO / Head of Legal Technology Senior Partner Practice Director
CISO Head of Information Security Chief Security Officer (CSO)
COO / Head of Operations Chief Information Risk Officer (CIRO) Head of Business Transformation
Chief Innovation Officer Head of IT Strategy Cyber Security Analyst
Global Director / Head / Manager of Security Director / Head / Manager of Cyber Security Director / Head / Manager of Digital Forensics
Head of Risk & Compliance Head of Architecture Director / Head / Manager of IT Security
Technical Director Data Protection Officer Network & Security Analyst
Head of Information Systems Director of Legal Services Director of Legal Administration
Director of Records Management Director of Case Management Director of Legal Operations
Senior Business Analyst Commercial Director Project Manager
Barristers’ Chambers
CEO Head of Chambers Chambers Director Senior Clerk
In-House Legal Departments
Vice President  European Counsel Heads of Legal
Global Counsel Senior Counsel Director of Legal Affairs