Stage Overviews – European Legal Security Forum 2019


The ‘OneTrust’ Security Stage  Led by Jane Frankland, will explore the security threat landscape, and the most pressing security issues for law firms to consider.

The sessions aim to address the dynamics of cyber-crime and how firms can leverage the new age of technology for network security. The speakers will deliver live demonstrations identifying vulnerable devices, whilst discussing the evolvement of the CISO role and key areas that companies can protect themselves against.

In addition, the 2019 keynote will delve into national security policies, cyber warfare and address the most serious issues in cyber security facing professional services to date.


The Cipher Stage   Led by Peter Wright, will delve into the broader cyber and information security ecosystem. From the security of disruptive technologies to cross boarder policies and processes. The 2019 agenda will look at security in a deeper sense, addressing the specific areas that must be considered when implementing / adopting new technologies and systems

The sessions will discuss securing social mobility and how the industry needs to review the information that is readily obtainable in social media with perspectives given from the judiciary through to private practice. In addition, the speakers will look at how to uncover the undetected, whilst exploring the practical issue of how firms can keep up with the ever changing threat landscape.


The ‘DELTAS’ Demo Stage Chaired by Janet Day, will explore current systems, processes and solutions available for the profession, whilst looking at the new technology for the future lawyer and the future of UK security innovation.

The sessions will investigate new applications including new smart apps, which are paving the way for client innovation and more secure ways of streamlining services, whilst also highlighting the ease of how systems can be exploited. In addition, the sessions will explore what firms need to do in order to protect themselves in a heightened risk landscape.